Solar Pump Inverter

USFULL solar pump inverter is full automatic, with MPPT algorithm built-in. USFULL inverter, passed strict efficiency testing, is an important part of solar pumping system.

Product Catalog

ModelRated output powerVoltage levelRated input currentRated output currentDetails
FU9000SI-0R7G-SS20.75kW220V9.3A7.2ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-1R5G-SS21.5kW220V15.7A10.2ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-2R2G-SS22.2kW220V24A14ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-004G-SS24kW220V32A25ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-0R7G-S20.75kW220V9.3A4.2ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-1R5G-S21.5kW220V15.7A7.5ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-2R2G-S22.2kW220V24A10ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-0R7G-40.75kW380V3.4A2.5ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-1R5G-41.5kW380V5A4.2ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-2R2G-42.2kW380V5.8A5.5ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-004G-44kW380V13.5A9.5ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-5R5G-45.5kW380V19.5A14ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-7R5G-47.5kW380V25A18.5ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-011G-411kW380V32A25ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-015G-415kW380V40A32ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-018G-418.5kW380V47A38ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-022G-422kW380V51A45ALearn More >>
FU9000SI-030G-430kW380V70A60ALearn More >>

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