Air Compressor VFD

USFULL air compressor VFD has 2 models, can be applied in general air compressor and screw PMSM air compressor. The FU9000C series air compressor VFD can be connected to HMI touch screen without PLC.

Product Catalog

ModelRated output powerVoltage levelRated input currentRated output currentDetails
FU9000C-0R7G-40.75kW380V3.4A2.5ALearn More >>
FU9000C-1R5G-41.5kW380V5A3.7ALearn More >>
FU9000C-2R2G-42.2kW380V5.8A5ALearn More >>
FU9000C-004G-44kW380V10.5A9ALearn More >>
FU9000C-5R5G-45.5kW380V14.6A13ALearn More >>
FU9000C-7R5G-47.5kW380V20.5A17ALearn More >>
FU9000C-011G-411kW380V26A25ALearn More >>
FU9000C-015G-415kW380V35A32ALearn More >>
FU9000C-018G-418.5kW380V38.5A37ALearn More >>
FU9000C-022G-422kW380V46.5A45ALearn More >>
FU9000C-030G-430kW380V62A60ALearn More >>
FU9000C-037G-437kW380V76A75ALearn More >>
FU9000C-045G-445kW380V92A91ALearn More >>
FU9000C-055G-455kW380V113A112ALearn More >>
FU9000C-075G-475kW380V157A150ALearn More >>
FU9000C-090G-490kW380V180A176ALearn More >>
FU9000C-110G-4110kW380V214A210ALearn More >>
FU9000C-132G-4132kW380V256A253ALearn More >>

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